Single Check Valve Couplings

Single Check Valve Couplings

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Single Check Valve Couplings

These couplers should be installed on the supply side of the line and shut
off the fluid supply when coupling is disconnected. The adaptor has no
valving upon disconnection & exhausts the downstream media. Even in
liquid lines, this would not be mechanically determined,unless fluid loss
would not interface with a holding circuit or contaminates the area around it.


Series                                                         SCV 10                                                 SCV 40

Size                                                                      1/4” - 1”                                                     1/4” - 2”
Material                                                              C.S, Brass, SS 304                                     C.S, Brass, SS 304
Seals                                                                   Nitrile                                                          Nitrile
Locking Mechanism                                          Ball Lock                                                      Ball Lock
Working Pressure                                               300 PSI                                                        600 PSI