Pneumatic Vertical Swing Cylinder

Pneumatic Vertical Swing Cylinder

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Pneumatic Vertical Swing Cylinder

Pneumatic Vertical swing cylinders are used for clamping in the sheet metal industry and for light machining applications. In the unclamped position, the work piece area is free from the strap, for easy loading / unloading.


It is a pneumatic double acting cylinder. The job gets clamped in the piston push direction. The clamping strap is connected to the piston by a linkage mechanism.

Installation and advantages

Installation of the cylinder is very simple with 4 cap screws on the top flange. Clamp and declamp ports are provided on face of the mounting flange of the cylinder body is angled to allow coolant and chips to flow away from wiper section.


  • -Bore diameter – 40 mm
  • -Maximum operating pressure – 15 bar
  • -Clamping force for a standard strap – 560 N at 6 bar air pressure
  • -Weight – 2.5 kg.

Note :

  • -Stnadard strap (Part no. 3200500), to be ordered seperately, if required. In case, a longer strap is required, it should be designed for increased bending moment.
  • -The adjusting screw on the strap should be adjusted for a 3 mm reserve stroke.
  • -To prevent the damage due to impact use flow control valve at both ports.
  • -We can supply 25,32 & 63 bore cylinders in this Catalogue.
  • -For ordering the seal kit, add the prefix ''S'' to the part number.
Part No. 3200500
Separate Standard Strap