Lubex Drip Oiler

Lubex Drip Oiler

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Drip oilers are excellent cost effective options for lubricating machine slides and bush bearings.

This oiler distributes oil from a reservoir through a needle valve  by utilizing hand operated shut off system. This oiler allows its operator to set drip rate by adjusting its needle valve. The drip rate can be monitored through its sight glass. After programming its drip rate, it need to be locked by a locking nut that can be managed by a toggle pin.

The special design of polycarbonate made oil reservoir is advantageous for convenient inspection of its oil level. The polycarbonate is reckoned for its unique impact resistance properties, high visual clarity and stability of temperature. The drip oiler is considered as better than glass type drip oiler for its enhanced durability.

The oiler is reckoned for its 1/8” bsp standard thread size. We provide  necessary adaptor for oiler with various thread sizes.