Hydraulic Intensifier

Hydraulic Intensifier

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 Hydraulic Intensifier

 Hydropneumatic intensifier are widely used on conventional machines , where hydraulic power unit is not available with the machine . Single acting elements are generally used with hydropneumatic intensifiers .



In the static condition , (Pressure x Area ) at oil side .


Descriptions : Hydropneumatic Intensifier has one oil cylinder and one air cylinder . The pistons of both these cylinders are connected to each other . In double acting intensifier the air cylinder is double acting . The air piston is the driving piston and the oil piston is the driven piston .

 Operation : When air is allowed in the intensifier by a D. C. Valve , oil on the hydraulic side gets pressurised  and is forced out. The oil output operates the clamping cylinders and the job gets clamped . After changing the position of D. C valve , due to return air pressure , the air pressure returns back and the jobs gets declamped . Oil is pushed back into the intensifier due the spring in the cylinder. 

Leakage Compensation (Make up Oil System )

This is an important feature of hydropneumatic intensifer . the oil side of the hydropneumatic Intensifier , hydraulic hoses and cylinders  from a close loop system . Oil in this loop is confined fluid. There must be a leakage compensations for the confined oil , if there is any leakage (across piston and thorough connectors ). The make up oil system , compensates for leakage by adding small volume of oil at every stroke .

In the unpressuiried mode , make up oil is always connected to the oil side . In the pressurisation stroke , as the piston moves up and  crosses the high pressure seal , the light make up oil gets disconnected from the oil side . After changing the flow of air with the help of D.C Valve to opposite direction , piston moves down to bottom  connecting oil bottom  to oil side .