Hydraulic Coupling Unit

Hydraulic Coupling Unit

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Hydraulic Coupling Unit

Hydraulic coupling units are used whenever the fixture is separated from the pressure generator , e.g; In flexible manufacturing systems . This fully equipped coupling unit has been developed for manual coupling and uncoupling for the purpose of damping and unclamping . 

Description : This unit includes two quick disconnect coupling (QDC) to connect / disconnect " Hydraulic Power unit " , Pilot operated check valve to hold pressure in clamping line . Glycerin filled pressure guage , pressure relief valve to avoid excess pressure .

Coupling unit Specifications :

  • Minimum Operating pressure : 50 bar
  • Maximum operating pressure : 250 bar
  • Accumulator charging pressure :0.9 x minimum operating pressure
  • Accumulator Volume :75 CC
  • Total Volume of the cylinder :500 CC

Power Unit Specifications :

  • Hydraulic Power Unit with control panel -4500051
  • Pump Output :1.8 lpm
  • Motor : 3 Phase , 1 hp
  • Tank capacity : 30 litres approximately
  • Useful oil Volume : 25 liters approximately

Power Unit Hydraulic Circuit

This unit has direction control valve , which is double solenoid , spring centered and center open . At centre position pressure  line is connected to tank line and motor is unloaded . Due to this one can connect / Disconnect quick disconnect coupling at the center position . Push button are provided on pendant for ease of operation.

Sequence Operation :

A) Clamping

  • QDC is connected if it is not in coupled position .
  • Push the clamp button pressure will build and ready for disconnection lamp (green)  will glow .
  • Disconnect QDC and put dust caps .
  • Now job is in clamped condition and pallet is ready to move. 

B) Unclamping

  • Remove dust cap and clean disconnect coupling  .
  • In un - pressurised mode connect QDC (Ready for connection / Disconnection lamp is on )
  • Push Unclamp button all elements will retract and guage show zero pressure . And ready for disconnection lamp will glow .
  • Now job can be removed and new job can be placed .