Fitting Tool Kit

Fitting Tool Kit

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Bearing Fitting Kit is an easy to use multi purpose tool used for supporting medium and small shaped bearings without impairing these. The kit consists of individually marked ground and heat treated sleeves and rings. Each of the impact ring has been developed as per the exact size of bearing. We offer impact sleeve for bulk amount of rings.

Proper assembling of impact sleeve and ring is required for providing uniform distribution of mounting forces to bearing rings for averting damage and to prolong their functional life.

The whole kit is available in a steel box that can be carried easily. Reckoned for its long lasting nature, the cost of this kit can be retrieved later due to long service life of its bearings.

At present, we provide two standard models of this kit that include

1. Economy Model – It consists of 14 pieces of impact rings, 3 impact sleeve and 1 piece of nylon made hammer. The length of bearings offered in this kit ranged between 20 m  I.D. To 50 mm I.D. And their approximate weight is 11 kg.
2. Full Kit – This kit is equipped with 33 pieces of impact rings, 5 impact sleeves and 1 piece of nylon hammer. The length of each of the bearing offered in this kit is of 10 mm I.D. To 50 mm I.D. Generally, the weight of these bearings is around 16 kg.

We also offer this kit as per the requirements of customers. In that case, the customers need to mention the exact type of bearings used in their plants.

The overall bearing fitting kit is a good option of investment as it ensures saving of money to a great extent. Apart from extending functional life of bearings, this kit helps to increase productivity level, prevents damage of housing or shaft and improves technical skills required for mounting of bearings. This particular kit is also suitable for mounting couplings, gears, pulleys and sleeves