Double Check Valve Couplings

Double Check Valve Couplings

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Double Check Valve Couplings

These couplers are designed for connecting hydraulic lines, hence
they are frequently called as Hydraulic couplings. It is recommended
to use the dust cap & dust plug to prevent contamination of the media
when the lines are reconnected and also to enhance the life of the
coupling by preventing damage.

Series                                            DCV 30                                          ISO A/B                                     DCV 100

Size                                                         1/8” - 2”                                                   1/4” - 1”                                              1/4” - 1”
Material                                                 C.S, Brass, SS 304, SS 316                     C.S, Brass, SS 304                             C.S
Seals                                                       Nitrile                                                        Nitrile                                                Nitrile
Locking Mechanism                              Ball Lock                                                  Ball Lock                                          Ball Lock
Working Pressure                                   3000 PSI                                                  3000 PSI                                              10000 PSI